The increased interest of both Bulgarian and foreign business in public projects, including those financed by EU funds, has increased many times the number of public procurements in recent years in the Republic of Bulgaria, due to which their regulation has undergone a number of changes. An entirely new Public Procurement Act (PPA) has been in force since 15 April 2016, and the Rules for its implementation (PPZOP) are to be adopted. Therefore, for both the Contracting Authorities and the Participants in the public procurement procedures, the use of expert assistance has become increasingly necessary.

The services that our office offers in the field of public procurement include:

1.  Consultations of contracting authorities and participants in procedures related to the implementation of the Public Procurement Act and the Public Procurement Act, as well as European legislation.

2.  Legal assistance in the preparation of documentation  for participation in an announced public procurement.

3.  Preparation of a legal analysis  of the Announcement and the documentation for participation in the respective public procurement with a view to assessing its compliance with the requirements of the Public Procurement Act, the Public Procurement Act, etc. applicable to the specific case normative acts, incl. and European acts.

4.  Review of the relevant administrative and judicial practice  in view of the specifics of the respective case.

5. Preparation and submission of a complaint to the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC)  against decisions for initiating the procedure, as well as against actions and inactions of the Contracting Authority under the Public Procurement Act and the NVMOP.

6. Preparation and submission of a request for imposition of a temporary measure suspension”  of a public procurement to the CPC and possible appeal of its ruling before the SAC. 

7. Preparation, submission of a complaint and procedural representation before the CPC  in connection with an appeal of a public procurement.

8. Preparation and submission of an appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court   against a decision of the CPC under the Public Procurement Act and procedural representation before the court.