Manev & Partners  has a rich and long-standing practice in the field of competition law and protection against unfair competition. The law firm employs some of the most prominent specialists in the field, who, in addition to practical achievements, also contribute to clarifying the scientific aspects of competition law.

The services that  Manev & Partners  offers in the field of competition law include:

1. Consultations in the field of competition law of the Republic of Bulgaria and the antitrust legislation of the EU, in particular consultations related to:
  • prohibited agreements, decisions by associations of undertakings and concerted practices (cartels);
  • abuse of monopoly and dominant position on the market;
  • concentration of economic activity;
  • unfair competition.

2.  Procedural representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition  in cases related to violations of the Law on Protection of Competition, as well as in proceedings for obtaining permits in case of concentration of economic activity and in proceedings for notifications for exemption of agreements, decisions and concerted practices from the prohibition under Art. 9 of the LPC.

3.  Procedural representation before the Supreme Administrative Court  in proceedings on appeal of decisions of the Commission for Protection of Competition.