1. Consultations in preparation and negotiation of commercial transactions  (preparation of proposals for the most accurate and adequate protection of the client’s interests, guidelines and assistance in commercial negotiations).

2. Business consulting and project management  (legal consultations and intermediary activity in providing bank financing for investment projects of companies; consultations on concluding a bank loan and leasing agreement; legal analyzes and consultations on the investment climate in our country for the purposes of foreign investment on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria).

3. Representation before the court in commercial disputes  (procedural representation before all courts, submission of the necessary documents, preparation of strategies for protection of the client’s interests and their implementation; consultations and representation of creditors of companies in open insolvency proceedings in connection with their claims rights, their participation in the meeting and the creditors’ committee, the adoption of recovery plans, distribution of the liquidated property, etc.).

4. Preparation of documents and commercial contracts  (preparation of draft contracts, preliminary and final contracts, preparation and submission of applications and documents for permits, licenses, etc.).

5. Research and analysis of the possibilities for introduction of new commercial practices  (analysis of the legislation and preparation of an opinion on legally established requirements and obligations regarding the proposed new commercial practice).

6. Legal consultations and mediation in concluding insurance contracts  (protection of the rights of the insured in the event of an accident or other insurance event; the conclusion of property insurance).