Founded in 1993 by Kostadin Manev, Manev & Partners is one of the first law firms in Bulgaria specializing in intellectual property and competition law. With hard work in Bulgaria and abroad, including at the level of the European Union, the office has been a leader in its main areas of activity for over 25 years, providing extensive services to all business representatives.

Even located only in Sofia, in the field of intellectual property we represent clients not only before the Bulgarian authorities, but also before the European Patent Office (European Patent Office) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (European Union Intellectual Property Office). We have established and currently have a stable partner network in the Balkans, Russia and the former Soviet republics, as well as in many other countries around the world, building sustainable business relationships with intellectual property professionals to ensure maximum success and efficiency for our clients. In the years ofhard work and dedication we have gained a lot of practice outside Bulgaria and through our partners manage to coordinate the production of our customers, which are often very specific to each country.

In addition to our legal practice as qualified specialists and experts with many years of experience in intellectual property, many of us have participated in the management of the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Commission for Protection of the Competition of the Republic of Bulgaria, the European Patent Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office, which has significantly enriched our expertise through stable professional contacts at national and European level.

With special attention to the professional needs of our clients, we strive to provide high quality assistance and individual approach to everyone, whether large corporations or sole proprietors.

We build long-term strategies for our clients, guaranteeing maximum efforts in the name of their success, as well as – on favorable financial terms for them. We are proud of the success of our clients, working for decades on the national and international market! Their success is our goal, they bring us professional satisfaction, realizing that intellectual property has made a significant, substantial, and in most cases decisive contribution to this.   

For us, the protection of intellectual property is an art. It itself, a deeply essential feature of human civilization, is a powerful tool for the success of every person – author, entrepreneur, and the whole human society, which tool we are happy to use to protect the interests of our partners.