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40 years European Patent Convention – 40 years promoting a European market for innovation and technology

5 August 2014

European Patent Office celebrated the 40th anniversary of the European Patent Convention (EPC) at the end of last year. The celebration ceremony was attended by hundreds of guests, including the President of the European Council, the Commissioner of the Chinese Patent Office, a number of representatives of the European institutions, and distinguished professionals in the field of economics, technology and patent protection. With personal invitation from the President of EPO, Benoît Battistelli, the ceremony also attended the current partner in "Manev and Partners" and a former president of the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Kostadin Manev.

When the EPC was signed in Munich on October 5, 1973, it was hoped the continent-wide patent system would improve the economy and strengthen relationships between European countries.

Today, 40 years later, EPO president Benoît Battistelli said: “After forty years, we can say that the EPC, which created the EPO, has provided the ground for building a real success, not only from a technical point of view but also in its European and political dimension.”

He added: “The high quality of products and services delivered by the EPO is acknowledged across the globe. Ever since it was set up, the EPO has played an active role in fostering innovation and has given Europe a strong voice in its ongoing dialogue with the other world leaders in technology.”

President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, said: “The Unitary Patent marks the end of a 40-year odyssey and opens new horizons for European entrepreneurs.”

When it was set up in 1977, the EPO was made of seven member states. It has now expanded to 38 countries, including all 28 members of the EU, and represents a market that includes 600 million individuals.Today we observe the development of a new European patent system. Another change and new stage of unification is the introduction of Unified Patent Court and the adoption of a European patent.


We, in "Manev and Partners", are proud to be an integral part of this process and actively work towards improving the patent protection, in order to continue providing our clients with the best services and the most reliable protection for their inventions, products and services.


Manev & Partners – host of the annual AVRIO Advocati Autumn Conference 2017

Mr. Kostadin Manev, Managing Partner at Manev & Partners., was elected as Arbitrator and member of the Arbitration Council of KRIB Court of Arbitration

20 years IP protection in Europe – 20 years of OHIM

European Inventor Award 2014

Program “Competitiveness”

Bulgarian Patent Office introduces changes in the designation of goods and services when filing an application for trademark

"Manev&Partners" contributes to cessation of an infringement of a registered trademark

The European Parliament accepted unitary patent protection

OHIM introduces guidelines on trademark and design practices


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