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PATENT WATCH is a long-term service developed so that the patent owner will have specific information on the deadlines defined by the Bulgarian legislation in the field of Patent Law and about the patents published in Bulgaria which are in the same field of invention.

According to the needs of the client we can realize observation of the publications in the Official Bulletin of the Patent Office for a specific field of the technique; for concrete applicant.

We offer this service for a minimum of one year.

We will present you with detailed reports for the observation realized and for the patents found. According to the results we will also give you our professional analyses and proposals for actions if we think there are conflict patents found.


  • you receive current analyses of the patent you own and the patents in the same field of technique;
  • you receive a concrete professional proposal for actions against possible patent infringers;
  • you have the opportunity for annuity payment with a special discount on the attorney fee;
  • as an additional benefit you will also receive a discount for all services we provide you concerning intellectual property issues.

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