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About us

Manev&Partners is a Bulgarian law firm specialized in the field of Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement. Established in 1993, Manev&Partners is currently one of the leading law firms in this field, representing various clients - from big corporations to individual inventors and entrepreneurs. Although the intellectual property protection is our main activity, we have at our disposal some well prepared specialists in the area of competition, corporate, commercial and property law, as well as in telecommunications and public procurements. As so we are able to cover a broad range of the business interests of our clients.

The scope of the activities offered by the firm comprises of consultations in the field of intellectual property, commercial, property and administrative law, as well as representation before the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria, the European Patent Office, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (for registration of trademarks and designs), the Commission for protection of the competition and other administrative authorities, representation before the Bulgarian court authorities, the Court of First Instance and the European Court of Justice.

An important part of our activity is combating intellectual piracy and counterfeits (infringement of trademark rights) where we have achieved significant results in representing major international and national brands.

Manev&Partners is maintaining successful partnerships with leading attorneys at law and intellectual property experts in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and the other former Soviet Republics. Based on these established relationships we are able to provide international protection of the intellectual property rights of our clients which is tailored entirely to their commercial needs and interests.

The team of professionals who will take care of finding solutions to your questions has a profound knowledge in the Bulgarian and European legislation and practice. With their rich legal and procedural experience they can offer you a complete and professional solution suitable for your needs.

Manev & Partners is one of the main contributors to The Intellectual Property Review   – leading practices from around the world in the field of Intellectual property enforcement and protection.

We are proud members of the following associations: 


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